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SIP vs H.323

Posted by kathayat on September 26, 2007

….H.323 is the vertically integrated suite of protocols that addresses a broad range of IP telephony issues, including such things as codec, terminal registration, call control, address translation, administion control and call authorization. In many cases there is no clear seperation of the responsibilities between these H.323 protocol elements. It is not uncommon for the service to require the interactions among a number of them.

….SIP on the other hand was designed to do nothing more than support session setup and relies on the other, unspecified, protocols and applications that take care of everything else. SIP’s modularity let it work evern with H.323

….SIP reuses the existing internet technology, for example,  URLs, MIME and DNS, that makes the SIP smaller. At the same time SIP can more easily be integrated with the existing internet applications because SIP’s syntax is closely modeled on that of HTTP (text based and thers features…)

….Softwares that works with text-basesd protocol are generally less expensive to develop and easier to debug. Also, while it’s been claimed that binary protocols take up fewer bytes than text protocols, in practive it is often not so…[Ref. Stephen M. Muller -Book: API and PROTOCOLS for convergent network services page no. 254] Furthermore, space efficiency may not be an important criterion for the protocols that exchage ony few intermittent messages (many signalling protocols).

….Complexicity and scalability issues  – SIP is better

….Future of H.323 will be as basic access technogy for the IP telephony. [Ref. Muller book]

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