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Description and Composition of e-learning Services

Posted by kathayat on January 17, 2008

    Oussama Kassem Zein and Yvon Kermarrec

    Journal of Software Engineering Vol. 2 No. 5 November 2007

    • Defines the meta-model for learning service descriptions
    • Uses ontologies to index and store these models
    • So that students, teachers, researchers can use this model to query and publish learning services
    • Facilitator [along with Ontobroker– a inference engine (to trigger various processes and events) and for ontology management (add, delete, modify ontologies)] based on ontology is developed/used for service discovery and composition. It provides the interfaces that allows the client and servers to query(import function) and advertise (import function) learning services based on underlying ontologies. If search is successful, it invokes the service selected interacting with the provider and sends the result to the client. If service search is unsuccessful, allows the services to be composed automatically.
    • Their own approach for semantic description of service behavior that includes input/output flows and post/pre-conditions
    • Their own approach for service interface description

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    OWL-S Editor and Portege

    Posted by kathayat on January 14, 2008

    • Service description, modeling and composition language : OWL-S. 
    • Porrege Ontology Tool (working V 3.2.1) and OWL-S Editor
    • (Note that: Later versions of the Portege looks like incompatible with OWL-S Editor. Install only vasic version of Portege – OWL plugin – instead of full version)

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    Journals and Conferences in Computer Science

    Posted by kathayat on January 12, 2008

    Nice collection

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