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Model-Driven Software Developement

Posted by kathayat on February 6, 2008

Rolv Bræk and Geir Melby4

(3)  NTNU Department of Telematics, Trondheim, Norway
(4)  Ericsson Norarc, Asker, Norway

Abstraction and platform are two of the most central concepts in MDA. To succeed with MDA means to build a clear, operational understanding of the two concepts. Two key questions are how to express the PIM and especially its behavior, and how to deal with implementation and platform dependent properties. In this chapter we offer some answers based on earlier work on model-driven development and current work on model-driven service engineering. A central aim of the latter work is to enable rapid, modular and incremental development and deployment of collaborative services. A model-driven solution supported by a layered execution framework is presented.

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