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How to BibTex and LaTex

Posted by kathayat on September 26, 2007

….You are supposed to have the basic ideas about what is BibTex and what is LaTex before doing the following steps.

  • Download and Install LaTex Compiler [example MikTex
  • You can download a sample database which already contains some useful abbreviations. (save as examplebib.bib)
  • Choosing the style – download a sample stye unsrt_newen for english texts (save as unsrt_newen.bst)
  • Using bibtex is quite easy. Create a file ‘example.tex’  and add following lines to it 
    \bibliographystyle{unsrt_newen} \bibliography{examplebib}

    To create your document (the texfile is called example.tex) you would issue the following commands:

    latex example bibtex example latex example latex example
  • That’s all…you will get the document…you can explore other functions og LaTex and BibTex. 

Or you can use TexEditors/ LaTexEditors. Refer to the links ….here

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