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Research Publications and Presentations


Surya Bahadur Kathayat and Rolv Bræk “Analyzing Realizability of Choreographies Using Initiating and Responding Flows“, Model-Driven Engineering, Verification, And Validation (MoDeVVA 2011)., ACM Digital Library, ISBN 978-1-4503-0914-1.

Surya Bahadur Kathayat, Hien Le, and Rolv Bræk “Collaboration-Based Model-Driven Approach for Business Service Composition “, Handbook of Research on E-Business Standards and Protocols: Documents, Data and Advanced Web Technologies., IGI Global, 2012.

Surya Bahadur Kathayat, Hien Le, and Rolv Bræk “A Model-Driven Framework for Component-based Development “, 15th International Conference on System Design Languages of the SDL Forum Society – Integrating system and software model. July 5 – 7, 2011. , Toulouse, France.

Hien Le, and Surya Bahadur Kathayat, “Framework to Support the Development of Collaborative Components “, 9th International Workshop on System/Software Architectures (IWSSA 2011) as a part of 23rd International Conference on Advanced Information System Engineering (CAiSE 2011). June 20 – 24, 2011. , London, England.

Surya Bahadur Kathayat and Rolv Bræk, “Modelling Collaborative Learning Services – A Case Study “, International Workshop on Collaboration and e-Learning (Ce-Learning 2011) as a part of The 2011 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS 2011). May 23 – 27, 2011 , Philadelphia, PA, USA.


Surya Bahadur Kathayat, Hien Nam Le, Rolv Bræk, “Automatic Derivation of Components Using Choreographies – A Case Study “, International Conference on Software Engineering. December 6-7, 2010 ,Phuket, Thailand.

Surya Bahadur Kathayat,  Rolv Bræk, “From Flow-Global Choreography to Component Types “, System Analysis and Modeling (SAM), 2010. , Oslo, Norway. October 4-6, 2010.


Frank Alexander Kraemer, Surya Bahadur Kathayat,  Rolv Bræk, “Unified Modeling of Service Logic with User Interfaces“, 1St International Workshop on Model-driven Service Engineering (MoSE 2009), Hong Kong, China November 2-7, 2009.

Kathayat S.B., Bræk R., “Platform Support for Situated Collaborative Learning“, International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning(eL&mL 2009), Cancun, Mexico, IEEE Press, pp. 53-60, 2009


FABULA Project Group (I am as a member). FremrAgende By for Undervisning og LAering – Seamless networks for ransforming the city into an arena for learning . DERDIKT Conference:Hell Hotel, Trondheim, Norway, October 29-30, 2007

Surya Bahadur Kathayat. Service-Oriented Vision: Actions and Thinking for the Future Mobile Learning Environments. Workshop: Design Challengesfor the Future Mobile Learning. Environments. Växjö University, Sweden, November 1-2, 2007


Surya Bahadur Kathayat, Nandana Rajatheva and A.H.M. Karim Rezaul. Evaluation and comparison of the mvring and tree based application layer multicast on structured peer-to-peer overlays. Journal of Computer Science (JCS – accecpted), Science Publications, USA. 2006.

Surya Bahadur Kathayat, Nandana Rajatheva: Interest Based Group Management Mechanisms for E-Learning Design Using the Peer-to-Peer Technologies. WEBIST (2) Portugal, 2006: 339-346

Surya Bahadur Kathayat: Design and Modeling of the E-Learning using Peer-to-Peer Technologies. Presented in 2nd TC-ICT (Telecommunications- Information and Communication Technologies) Research Symposium – 2006, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Surya Bahadur Kathayat, Nandana Rajatheva: Peer-to-Peer Group management mechanisms for the e-Learning design. SANOG (South Asian Network Operators Group)-VII Conference. 16-24 January, 2006. Mumbai, India.


Surya Bahadur Kathayat, Prithula Dhungel: ICT and E-Health Implementation Issues in the South-east and South Asia. Presented in 7th APNG (Asia Pacific Networking Group) Camp- 2005, Taipei, Taiwan.


Surya Bahadur Kathayat: Human Eye as Computer Mouse. FOTS (Forum of Technical Students) -2004 Technical Magazine. Forum of Technical Students, Nepal.


Surya Bahadur Kathayat, Adesh Khadka, Suman Thapa, Suraj Shrestha, Suraj Joshi, Umesh Gyawali: Human Computer Interfacing-EOG. First National Students’ Conference on INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (NescoIt-2003) Nepal. 2003 : 29-35

Surya Bahadur Kathayat: Tourism- A Driving force for poverty alleviation and sustainable development of Nepal. NTB (Nepal Tourism Board) Annual Bulletin-2003. Nepal

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