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HowTo: Configure SVN+SSH with Subclipse on Windows

Posted by kathayat on March 6, 2008

 HowTo: Configure SVN+SSH with Subclipse on Window:

Other…help with SVN


First: Create the repository:

Putty or ssh into your student account or group area.
(You can apply for group area here:

cd to where you want the repository and type "svnadmin create ."
or type "svnadmin create /path/to/repository"

cd /home/groups/sds_group/
mkdir svn
cd svn
svnadmin create .


svnadmin create /home/groups/sds_group/svn

Second: Install subclipse

Third: Point subclipse to the repository
Create the project (if you haven't already done so).
Right click on the project -> select team -> share project
Select SVN -> Next
Select "Create new repository" -> Next
Enter URL:
(E.g.: "svn+ssh://")

Importing an already existing project:
Import -> Checkout project from svn
Select "Create new repository" -> Next
Enter URL:
(E.g.: "svn+ssh://")
-> Next
Select project to check out -> Finish

Common problems:
File permission in group area.
Wrong version of subclipse.

Quick workaround:
Try turtoise svn instead of subclipse   Thanks to Vaskinn[] this Tutorial. 

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